Wohlford Scholarship Description

The James G. Wohlford Co-op Scholarship was set up to aid senior co-op students to finance their last year at Tech, when they no longer receive any income from their co-op jobs. The money to start the endowment (in total more than $15,000 from over 60 companies as of January 1984) was originally raised through the efforts of Co-op Club Section I, which became the Co-op Club under semesters. The Club solicited co-op employers to continue their support of the "retired" co-ops who were now on campus full time. Historically, the Wohlford Scholarship was a $250 non-renewable scholarship to be awarded to a senior Co-operative Division student. The Scholarship now offers up to $5000 to its recipients.  No more than one scholarship was awarded per quarter and no recipient could re-apply in subsequent quarters. Recipients were asked to repay the amount of the scholarship when they were financially able. Recipients are no longer asked to repay the amount.  Since financial aid for senior Co-ops is relatively difficult to obtain as the current year's grants are based upon last year's income, a senior Co-op receives financial aid based on income he/she no longer receives. Often, students had to resort to part-time work to pay for the last year of school, which took away valuable time from studies that is most important in the senior year.

In previous years, the Wohlford Co-op Scholarship was administered by the Co-op Club. Recently, the Briaerean Honor Society has taken over the responsibility of administering the scholarship. By means of the application, a selection committee consisting of members of the Briaerean Honor Society and the Director of the Co-op Department will make selections as to those seemingly most worthy of the award. The number of awards made annually depends upon the availability of funds. Personal interviews will be required to determine the recipients of the Scholarship. Selection will be made prior to the end of classes each Spring semester. Awards made during the Spring semester will be for those graduating in the following three semester. Currently, scholarships are awarded during Spring semester and no recipient may re-apply.

Selection criteria are based on a wide variety of attributes. The selection committee is looking for a well-rounded individual, someone who performed well in the integration of work experience with classroom education.

This scholarship is not need based, so there is no need to submit a Financial Aid Form (FAF) to the Financial Aid Office. The scholarship will be made through the Financial Aid Office on registration day as per the usual procedure.

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